Cantina Coffele
Excellent wines from one of the founders of the Soave DOC winemaking region
The history of the winery goes back to a 19th century moldy basement in the wonderful town of Soave, where the Visco family owned vineyards and made some old wine there, uninteresting and quite mundane. Many years later in the middle of the 20th century, the heiress of Visco, Giovanna, married a young school teacher, Giuseppe Coffele, who received abandoned vineyards on the slopes near the village of Castelcerino, north of Soave, as a dowry. Giuseppe decided to "roll up his sleeves", began to clear the vineyards, was trained,
met with prominent oenologists and as a result in 1971 presented the first wine of the Coffele winery. It should be noted that until the early 1970s it was still a "simple soave", a sour, bitter table wine, but since the formation of the Soave DOC wine zone in 1968, the situation has changed radically, Giuseppe Coffele is considered one of the fathers of
founders of this geographical name. In the 1970s, a long study of the soils of the DOC zone began, it was found that the soils of Soave are mainly divided into two types - volcanic (in the northern part) and clay-calcium in the south, the most interesting areas,
capable of producing complex wines with fairly high acidity are located just on the tops of the hills, away from the city. It was here that the Visko-Coffele family had those same 27 hectares of vineyards - small terraces on retaining walls made of dry "natural" masonry.
Today, in 2021, its own Cru system has already been established in the Soave zone. Each Cru vineyard has its own name, in the case of Cantina Coffle these are Castelcerino, Ca` Visco, Alzari and Nuj.

Coffele: historic winery in the Soave DOC zone, one of the founders of the Soave Wine Protection Consortium.
The first winery in the Soave zone to be fully certified as a biological producer back in 1988. It's hard to believe, but five years ago, all the raw materials that were collected on the hills outside the city were transported by tractor with a trailer directly to the building of the historic winery - in the very center of the city of Soave.
Literally a stone's throw from the municipality, the church and the Italian tax office. Here, in a historic building, the family lives and works to this day. Here we had wonderful, incredibly constructive negotiations with winemakers - with an indispensable tasting.
Production: a new workshop on a hilltop near Castelcerino - a gravity winery.
Garganega is a variety capable of surprising, but in order to achieve a high result, this grape requires a special attitude towards itself. We are talking about a white variety, which means that the oenologist's responsibility for the safety of berries, must, and wine is twice as much. Any miscalculation will be oh so difficult to disguise.
An important stage in the work of the winery is the drying of the harvested grapes, appascimento is carried out in the traditional way - through the opening of the "windows", no forced ventilation - the wind on the hill allows you to naturally dry the berries just as much as necessary.
Grapes hung on thin polymer nets are dried up to 6 (!) months. Not all of course, only the part that goes to the production of Amarone and certain types of Soave, which will be discussed later. The winery today is not only biologically certified,
but it is an experimental site for the Agricultural Institute (Winemaking) San Michele all'Adige from the city of Trento - here they test automation methods in the field of "heroic viticulture" - i.e. equipment for work in hard-to-reach areas and mountainous terrain. The winery is actually a biological farm,
with horses and other animals. Animals are not kept for the purpose of entertainment: plowing between rows is done with an old plow, by the forces of one horse and two strong uncles. The collection is only manual, there is nowhere for the tractor to turn around, and there is no need to.
What is produced: mainly wines based on the Garganega variety, a little Trebbiano and Soave, chardonnay, red Bordeaux varieties, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.
What to look for: the entry level Castelcerino is a simple Soave DOC –°lassico, but much better and the way it should be (and not the sour that dangles in Moscow on the shelves of supermarkets). 100% Garganega. Balanced aroma and taste, zest, grassy notes,
white flowers - lily of the valley and hawthorn in bloom, green apple.
Sparkling Millesimato brut is an unexpected sparkling, the result of a winemaker's mistake - when an important moment was missed in an attempt to come to a sweet sparkling. The result is a 100% Garganega brut, bright and sunny, prepared using the Charmat method. Full of aromas of white flowers, herbs, almonds.
Here you can feel the minerality, the bitterness of Garganega, everything is in its place - a very balanced wine, sparkling for any occasion - an aperitif, a business reception or a holiday. An interesting alternative to the already familiar prosecco, which lacks the freshness that is present here compared to Garganega.
Ca`Visco is already a serious wine, one of the cru`s in the Soave area. This is the style and skill of the winemaker - here is a blend of Garganega with Trebbiano di Soave. A straw yellow hue, an elegant aroma that vibrates and develops: citrus, grapefruit, white peach, and a little later peach opens. Fresh and clean taste repeats aromatics, you can catch the shades of figs, you can feel the structure,
minerality and a long, very long aftertaste…
Alzari is another cru, 100% Garganega is already present here, about half of which has been appassimento, the wine is aged from 10 to 12 months in oak barrels. The aroma is deceptive, it seems that we have a semi-sweet wine in front of us, but no - it is dry. Reminds me a little of the finest New World Chardonnays.
. Soft enveloping aromas of nectarine, ripe melon, wild flowers, aromatic herbs. The wine is vertical, able to develop in the glass for a long time and surprise with the most unexpected aromas. The appassimento is delicate, leaving space for a mineral tone, the aftertaste is long, honey.
Ca`Visco and Alzari - as already mentioned - these are real Soave top wines, with a distinct volcanic note, delicate, able to develop in the bottle for several years in a row, those samples that were offered for tasting are still very young for white, they still have quite great development potential.
Valpolicella is a must for this area red wine, a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, fully aged in steel. Our sample was very young, just a couple of weeks after leaving the workshop, a bright, lively aroma full of red wild berries - strawberries, raspberries, with a transition to blackberries, with a share of peppercorns.
From such an aroma you expect alcoholic harshness, but it is not there - the wine is pleasant, drinkable, the taste echoes the aromas, but the structure is smoothed, not biting. Nice red for any occasion.
The red Nuj - is the old name of the vineyard (practically means "new"), where at the beginning of the 20th century Bordeaux varieties, Merlot, were planted as an experiment (one of the first in Soave), Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This cru is a family heritage that has been making special red wine for 70 years. This is really a breathtaking red, aromatics - the purest, intense, fruit and berry, merlot prevails in the composition of the wine. The wine is aged for 24 months in a ton of 1500 liters, which prevents the oak from completely filling up the aromatics of the grapes, drinking this wine is like moving in an elevator between layers of different aromas and tastes. Fruits and berries are replaced by spices, tea leaves, fruits appear again - for the first time in a long time in this red one managed to clearly feel the influence of the soil. Adult wine, wine for those who have tasted a lot of reds, who are looking for elegant classics.
No wonder they say that "white" winemakers make special red ones! It is highly recommended to take a box, put it aside for a long time, return to it after a while and observe how the wine develops over the years.
That's not all, the line also includes Amarone, sweet sparkling Aurea retia, Recioto di Soave Le Sponde, which also deserve attention.
Now about the prospects - we talked with winemakers, as it turned out - we have common acquaintances, friends here in Italy. This helped us even more to find a common language, we agreed on special conditions for our clients.

Today we are ready to help rip the covers off this work of art.
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