Bonfanti vini
Elegant Organic Reds from Valpolicella
Bonfanti Vini is a family wine company from the Valpolicella wine zone, founded by Sergio Bonfanti. The history of the economy began in 2000 with the first 5 hectares of vineyards, located at an altitude of about 350 m above sea level in the town of Quinzano, in the Valpolicella Doc wine zone.

The philosophy of the company is based on the maximum expression of the terroir: climate, soil (calcium), the proximity of "forest" sites - all this allows Bonfanti to produce wines of the BIO category. The winery received organic certification in 2017. All wines currently produced by the company are organic.

The result of this approach is a wine of high quality, with firm but soft tannins and aromas of ripe red fruit. A good modern organic Valpolicella is lighter and fruitier. At the same time, the line also contains serious wines, indispensable Ripasso and Amarone.
The vineyard, located above the village of Quiinzano, has a southern/south-western exposure, occupies terraces on a hillside. This location of the vineyard is favorable for planting Corvina and Corvinone varieties. Harvesting in such conditions is exclusively manual, which is primarily due to the relief.
The hills of Valpolicella in prehistoric times were the seabed, as evidenced by the numerous deposits of limestone, of different colors and rich in fossil finds. Here, in the vicinity, fossil remains of ancient mollusks that once inhabited the prehistoric ocean are often found.
After tectonic transformations and a rise in the level of the land surface, the lower layer remained composed of dense limestones, and the upper one - black basalt layers. The subsequent glaciation contributed to the formation of elongated hills, and the winding course of the Adige River for centuries allowed the formation of narrow ravines called "vaio".
The soil on the slopes of such ravines is ideal for viticulture, it is in such areas that the Bofanti vineyards are located.
The main wines for the farm are the traditional Valpolicella Amarone, Valpolicella ripasso superiore (bio), Valpolicella superiore (bio), as well as their own blends of red varieties,
classified as IGT Veronese.
The "senior" line of wines is called Gran Lombardo - the very vineyard from which the history of the winery began.

The launch of a new line of Bonfanti organic wines already in 2018 brought the winery the prestigious The WineHunter Award for Valpolicella Biologico Superiore DOC and Valpolicella Ripasso Biologico Superiore DOC.

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