ColFondo Agricolo
Association of winemakers from the Prosecco DOC wine-region committed to the original traditions of the production of sparkling wines
ColFondo Agricolo is the finest expression of the secondary fermentation in bottles of Glera grapes, without degorging. Selected grapes, cloudy colour and crown caps: these elements are joined in a constantly different combination, to give life to characterful, complex wines with a long life ahead of them. Naturally handmade, with a touch of rock music.


  1. Grow your vine among the Colli Trevigiani, the hills of Trevison, where grapes have always ripened in the sun.
  2. Make a bottle-fermented sparkling wine, without disgorging.
  3. Bottle between March and June, after the vintage, and sell the wine one year after it's bottled.
  4. Use a crown cap.
  5. Use these grape varieties: Glera at least 70%, and/or historic varieties such as Perera, Verdiso, Bianchetta, Boschera, Rabbiosa up to 30% maximum.
  6. Use grapes from vineyards you own, and personally selected.
  7. Don't be afraid of time passing by: these wines are surprising even years after bottling.
  8. Enhance the identity of each vintage with a band of different colours on the bottle.
  9. Drink it as you wish. Cloudy or clear. The choice is up to you alone.
  10. Share it with some friends and some sopressa, a typical local salami: the perfect match.

    These are handmade wines. like many years ago. Each wine is woven from such elements as soil, grapes, heat and moisture. Without haste and forcing fermentation. Without the use of substances that can make the wine faceless. A true slow wine, respectful of time and of times, which needs patience to be born, and patience to be drunk. Each vintage is different

    A winemakers says about the wines: "we've decided to differentiate each vintage with a band of a different colour. We did this because we believe in the evolution of the wine, year after year. ColFondo Agricolo includes wines that are similar in terms of aromatic fragrance, notes of evolution, drinkability, pleasantness and fine bubbles. But essentially these are always very personal bottles which, on top of being different depending on the vintage, stand out because of the soil and the interpretation of each vintner. Their strength is in their strong identity."

    Based on the regulations, ColFondo Agricolo wines must be bottled between March and June, following the harvest. They can be sold mandatorily one year after bottling. A choice that wants to convey and give value to the longevity of this wine for which, usually, people wait only a couple of months before starting to sell it. Instead, when left in the bottle, it can offer some big surprises.A traditional prosecco can be a comlex, structural wine with great potential.

    The wines of the ColFondo Agricolo association are a real treasure of Veneto, few people can boast of having this association products in their portfolio of wines. The volumes of production of these traditional sparkling wines are small, the wines are instantly dispersed among connoisseurs. We offer you a truly unique, piece product.
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