Pietro Zardini
Loyalty to tradition and an innovative approach to understanding the red wines of Valpolicella
The history of the winery begins in the first quarter of the 19th century, when one of the ancestors of Pietro Zardini, Leonardo, began to grow his own grapes on the territory of the modern Valpolicella Classico wine zone and vinify it there. Generation after generation, the Zardini family continued to make wine,
until Pietro Zardini started independent wine production in 2000 by creating his own winery.
Lifelong experience has allowed Pietro Zardini to achieve impressive results in the field of winemaking, as evidenced by the numerous awards received by his wines in Italian and international competitions.

The photo shows his father's tractor, which Pietro proudly installed at his winery. This is a real symbol of Italian agriculture - Landini Testacalda ("hot head").
For the Italians, the Testakalda is something particular - a single-cylinder hard worker, with a special type of ignition, it was produced from 1924 until the end of the 40s. It was on such tractors that most of the Italian fields and vineyards were plowed in the first half of the 20th century. It was the first, and often the only tractor that was available to Italian peasants, and after all, they worked on such until the 80s!

So, how did Pietro make me happy? I went to him purposefully for the reds. Offered six wines, two from each "quality level".
1) Austero IGT - pure Corvina, steel + oak, light appassimento. It is a base wine, young and sharp, perfect with grilled meats. It will lie down for 2-3 years and it will become even better. Alcohol 13.5%. With this wine
celebrate some 30 years in the company of old friends with barbecue and fun music! It will go with a bang and will be an excellent alternative to primitive.
2) Ripasso della Valpolicella superiore - this is already familiar to many Valpo (may the readers forgive the familiarity, but pushing among the winemakers you start to talk like them ...) using the ripasso technique.
This wine also turned out to be still young, its potential is 6-8 years. Alcohol is already 14%, full two years in oak - in botti and barriques. Pronounced cherry, dried fruits, velvety taste. For a family dinner or a business lunch. "When a thirty-something has already traded, but is still too busy."
3) Rosignol - by the name of the variety Rosignola, which is part of the wine.
Appassimento for 4 months, two years in botti and barriques, additional rest in the bottle. According to Pietro, this is "a favorite wine for sale", says that northern Europe takes it apart with a bang, especially in restaurants and vinotheques. It is not surprising, because it is quite alcoholic, but at the same time it is completely unpretentious, bright, and memorable.
The wine has a rich fruity taste combined with intense oak, berries alternate with cocoa, coffee, tobacco and spices. Vibrant, lively aroma, 15% alc., wine development peak around 6-8 years.
4) Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG - classic Amarone, potential 12 years or more. Compared to others - soft wine,
but with clear varietal characteristics ("classic classic" from different Amarones). Aged for 3 years in oak, then at least a year in bottle. Tasted 2015, which was still very young, 2014 was not at all (bad season), 2013 is still on sale. Nose: coffee, vanilla, cocoa, spices, berries. round taste,
ripe fruit and chocolate. It is a pity that the time allotted for tasting was short - such a sample should be allowed to breathe for at least an hour!
5) "Pietro junior" corvina+cabernet 70/30 - and now this is a very, very interesting blend! What was worth going to Valpolicella and suffering here in the heat!
Manual collection and selection, three months of appassimento,
maceration 4-5 weeks, here Pietro showed himself as an innovator - aging first takes place in clay amphoras, then in 1500 liters of botti and barriques, for a total of 2 years + 1 year in bottle. The wine is powerful, body, enveloping. Through the deeply hidden berry flavor, you can still catch the amphora notes. Decantation (aeration) is strictly prescribed,
this is an exciting wine, for those who are willing to wait.. Take a case, save for a long time, try not earlier than in 4-5 years. Rabbit brazato with creamy sauce and sage paired with it, and if you manage to successfully "forget" it in the cellar for 10 years, you can already safely serve it with such serious cheeses. "Pietro Junior" I took to my collection -
It will be interesting to see how it develops...
And finally, what Pietro is especially proud of:
6) "Leone Zardini" Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG riserva, 4 years in oak + 1 year in bottle. Alcohol 16%, potential goes beyond the horizon, top wine from Pietro! Not enough words - you have to try!
Tried 2015, so it's hard to draw conclusions
, but in the aroma: cocoa, a little anise or even fennel seeds, cherry, tea leaf .. The taste repeats the aromas, the aftertaste is very long - it returns, rolls back and returns again, like a wave of the sea.
This wine is special for Pietro, in it he tried to reflect his vision of Amarone as a classic dry wine,
performed strictly in accordance with the practices that have developed among the winemakers of Valpolicella. It does not have an experimental approach, this wine is a tribute to tradition and gratitude to previous generations.


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