To professional operators of wine market...
What we offer
We offer to wholesalers, distributors,
independent wine stores:

- a catalogue of specially selected Italian wines. As a rule, these are brands that have won the trust of Italian consumers, winemakers whose products have no analogues and are somehow different from a huge number of "average" wines.
Especially for you, to have something to surprise your customers.
We choose wines, negociate with winemakers for the best commercial conditions for you, participate the negotiation process, prepare and send samples, give some advise or accompaniate You in the commercial trip.

We offer to winemakers:
- services of a sales agent;
- placement of your products on various selling platforms, online stores in Italy and abroad;
- multilingual support in correspondence, negotiations, events;
- services for sending product samples, interaction with transport companies;
- a range of services to promote your products, including redesign and maintenance of your website, social network pages, advertising, interwiews and more;
- selling and buying a bulk wine.

Get in touch for any proposals:
phone number: +39-388-650-39-64