Wine in BAG in BOX boxes - the same as in a bottle!

Why Bag-in-Box format?

Much more convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly!
Technological and convenient packaging for a drink that requires special handling: factors that determine the choice.

Wine in BAG IN BOX
a long way to professional recognition
BAG in BOX packaging has been used in winemaking since the middle of the 20th century - and is becoming more and more widespread!
  • Thomas Angove
    Australian winemaker who was the first in the world to use Bag-in-Box packaging for his wine.
    In the distant 1960s, few people could believe in the success of the innovative format; for many years, "box wine" was considered by winemakers, distributors and consumers as a basic, everyday, table wine.

  • Современный Bag-in-Box

    Modern Bag-in-Box
    Technologies are developing rapidly - and today Bag-in-Box is a format that ensures maximum safety of wine, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.
    The Bag-in-Box has been bottling DOC/DOCG, international and indigenous wines for a long time.

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